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Jiu Xiang Cave Scenic Area


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Yiliang County, Kunming, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 8:00am - 17:30, Mon-Sun

About this place

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic Area is located in Yiliang County, which is under the jurisdiction of KM. It is a 4A national tourist attraction. Here is the inhabiting place of Yi people for generations.

Jiuxiang is about 40 km from Jiuxiang county while 90 km from Km city. It is called "hometown of caves" because it has the largest network of caves in YN. For this reason ,it is labled by speleologists as "Museum of Caves". The network of caves here is quite similar to that of the world natural heritage--Skocjan Cave in Dinaric, a karst plateau in Yugoslovia.


Yiliang Roast Duck

Speaking of Yiliang, the first thing come to most YN people is Yiliang Roast Duck. Not as famous as the Peking roast duck, Yiliang roast duck is equally palatable. It was developed by Zhang Wen, a resident of Yiliang COunty in the Qing dynasty. After learning the technique of making Beijing Roast Duck. The method of Yiliang duck roasting is as follows:
kill a duck and scald it to remove its feathers; open a cut under its left wing, from this cut, remove the gut and blow in air so that the duck itself bulges after that, stuff it with flavoring, daub it with honey and air it; then put it on iron hook and hang it inside a hearth, toasting it slowly with dry pine; turn over the duck at the right time, take it out and then daub it with lard, honey and duck fat; finally chop the duck and put it on a dish with onion , sweet sauce, pepper and salt. The whole toasting process takes about half an hour. The roast duck has a skin which  is crisp but not burnt, a texture which is tender and savory, and a taste which is delicious.


Tour Route:
the Green Shady Valley--the White Elephant Cave--the Goddess Cava--the Lying Dragon Cave--the Bat Cave


How does a limestone cave come into being?

To understand that, we need to know how the karst landform come into being. Limestone's major component is Calcium Carbon dioxicate, which is insoluble as we all know back in junior school. However, they are not invulnerable. When water dissolved in it flow through limestone area, they will erode the stone. As you know, the major component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is insoluble. However, when it meets water and carbon dioxide, they turns into calcium bicarbonate which is soluble in water. When the water containing the dissolved calcium bicarbonate fell into a cave with lower pressure and temperature, the carbon dioxide separated out, leaving the insoluble calcium carbonate forming in the cave. That's why we can see the limestones taking on different shapes, as stone forests, stone peaks, stalagmites, stalactites, stalagnate, and underground rivers.

In some sense, we can even say that the limestone cave is the underground version of the stone forest.

The name of the county Jiuxiang is written as Nine townships in Chinese characters. How did it get such name?

* Some say it's because the place used to be divided into nine administrative regions, hence it was called Nine townships.
* Another saying is that Jiuxiang can also be written as aroma of wine. Because the inhabitant on this land the Yi people love wine more than anything. As a saying among them goes: a banquet is not a banquet without wine.
* The last kind of saying is there are 99 limestone caves.

Covering an area of 2,778 square kilometers, Jiuxiang Scenic Area consists of five major sections: Diehong (Laminated Rainbow) Bridge, Sanjiao(Three fee) Cave, Shangda(Upper Big) Cave, Dasha(Huge Sand) Dam and the Moon Lake. So far, only DIehong Bridge area has been developed and opened for visitors.

Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot is located along Maitian Wheatland River valley. It includes five major sites: the Green Shady Valley, the White Elephant Cave, the Goddess Cave, the Lying Dragon Cave and the Bat Cave.

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