"Dynamic Yunnan" Performance Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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"Dynamic Yunnan" Performance


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Yunnan Art Theater (No.132-134 ,Dongfeng West Road ), China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 20:00-21:50 Mon-Sat, closed on Sundays

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Dynamic  Yunnan  is  a  fusion  of   traditional  ethnic  folk  music  and   modern  dance .It draws  from  Yunnan's rich  legends  and  cultural  traditions  to  express  the  struggles  and   aspirations  of   the  human  condition. It's  an  attempt  to   create  a  living  museum  where  colorful   folk   music  traditons in  Yunnan  can  live  on  for  future   generations. It's  created  and   choreographed   by  the  most   outstanding   dancer  and  stage   artist  in  China ---Yang liping. She  has traveled  to  some  of  Yunan's  most  remote  regions  in search  of  the  elements  of  song  and  dance   to  create  this performance   that  are  fundamentally   representative   of   this  unique  place.And  95% of  the performers  are   Yunnan  minorities  people, presenting  the  charms  of   those  ancient   races. It's really  a  classic   work   and  a  feast  for   your  ears  and  eyes.

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Like the famous acrobatic show in Shanghai, this Dynamic Yunnan must be characterized.
It's a kind of night life for travelers. After day tour, you see this real person show, feel very fresh and impressed.

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