The clay forest in Yuanmou Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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The clay forest in Yuanmou


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About this place

There are many earth forest in Yuanmou China but so far only 2 of them have been developed for tourism. Wumao Tulin is located in Wumao village about 45 minutes from Yuanmou bus station and cost 7 yuan for the bus ticket. 

Like those natural land formations. It is sandy and clay like. Area is huge and need at least 2-3 hours to admire the beautiful scenery. It is not so touristy as the Stone Forest. AAAA attraction, must see! Quite an easy walk with pavements and some steps. Not suitable for wheelchair. Must bring along water, sun hat, umbrella etc. Slap on more moisturizer and sun block, it's very dry.


The other earth forest called Langbapu Tulin or Xinhua Tulin which located in Langbapu village about 90 minutes from Yuanmou bus station. Only one bus go directly to Langbapu which departure on 14.20 everyday and will return to Yuanmou the next morning at 7.30. The bus fare is 12 Yuan. If you miss the direct bus, you still can take other bus going to Xin Hua and find other transportation for Langbapu but for sure it must be more costly.

These are the amazing places that you have to go. It is so amazing, fantastic and spectacular. For the entrance fee 80 yuan for Wumao Tulin and 70 Yuan for Langbapu Tulin or you might buy a direct ticket for both earth forest at 100 Yuan which save you 50 Yuan for the entire trip.

For accomodation in Wumao, there are few hostel around the scenic area and one hotel in the scenic area. I stayed at the Tulin Youth Hostel at 30 yuan per pax in the 3 beds dormitory. The location is just in front of the earth forest, the room is quite clean with free drinking water and air condition, but the bath room and toilet is extremely poor. The Tulin hotel is quite expensive at 180 yuan per night, you might choose the other hostel which cost you 60 yuan for single bed room.

In Langbapu, the Langbapu Tulin Hostel is located inside the scenic area. The room rate is 180 Yuan for a twin beds room. I highly recommend you stay in this hostel and you can have both sunset at the first evening and sunrise at the next morning. There are few home stay at the Langbapu village but you might have to walk about few hundred meters from the entrance of Lanbapu Tulin.

Best Time to go : November to May, and dont go at June - October because rainy days.

Transportasion : ( 1 ) Take the train K146 which departure from Kunming Station at 16.50 and arrive Yuanmou Station at 21.15. ( 2 ) Take a bus from Yuanmou bus station to the scenic area at the next day.

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