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National Mosque
Masjid Negara

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About this place

The National Mosque or Masjid Negara (local language) was built in 1965 to play it’s role as the primary mosque in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of an independent nation. While Islam is Malaysia’s official religion, all other religions are allowed to be practiced freely. 

Unlike other mosques that have typically dome-shaped roof structures, the National Mosque is unique in that it has a blue roof that resembles that of an open-umbrella. This has been said to symbolize shelter and protection for all the people of the independent nation of Malaysia.

The main prayer hall can accommodate 8,000 worshippers and is fully air-conditioned. As Muslim women are not allowed to mix with the men, there is a balcony-like area above the ground floor for the women to gather for the Friday congregational prayer rituals.

A tall white minaret with the shaped of a closed umbrella supports loudspeakers which carries the call to prayer five times daily.

Surrounding the main prayer hall are water fountains and pillars to add a “kampung” or village-like atmosphere, with the water representing rivers and pillars, that of coconut trees. Colorful mosaic glass allows light into the prayer hall.

Behind the National Mosque can be found the Heroes Mausoleum which are placed former Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers, now deceased. However, the first Prime Minister of the nation, the honorable Tunku Abdul Rahman is not buried here but in his own royal burial grounds in Alor Star, the capital of Kedah.

Located just beside the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, many visitors come to visit the mosque and are allowed into the mosque during non-prayer times and robes are provided to ladies who wish to enter the mosque for a closer look at the prayer hall.
As can be seen from the photos, this beautiful mosque is another must-see for visitors to Kuala Lumpur.

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