Utamaduni Nature Park Tours – Kenya, Rift Valley

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Utamaduni Nature Park
Utamaduni Nature Park

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P.O. Box 716-20100 NAKURU, Rift Valley, Kenya
Hours : 6:00AM - 10:00PM

About this place

Utamaduni Nature Park remains to be one amongst the few places in Kenya where you get to see and have a better understanding of the culture from different tribes/ethnic groups.

 Learn why different cultural communities preferred different house designs, know why others build their houses with the door facing a certain direction.

Utamaduni is home to many wild animals such as: crocodilles, ostriches, monitor lizards, snakes, monkeys, mongoose, tortoises, ows and porcupines.

Utamaduni restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines. It prides itself in unique African dishes as well as international cuisines. 

The beautiful gardens at Utamaduni are ideal for picnics, team building activities and events such as weddings. 

Enjoy good stay at Utamaduni in their superb rooms.

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