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After 5 Days in Jordan What have I missed ?

Most of the travelers who Visit Jordan for tourism choose the classic  5 Days itinerary which covers : Petra , Jerash ,dead sea & Wadi rum on touch and go basis  !!
it usually happens that after the travelers start their tour to get to know more about  attractions of Jordan , they end up with feeling of regret  on not having enough time to do justice to all there is to see . this feeling unfortunately get magnified  when they do a half day tour to petra or spend only 2 hours only at wadi rum , hence skimming over only the main sites.
Jordan is a small country in size ( 90.000 km² ) only but a very big country with it's  attractions . with more than 1000 attraction of Archeological , Historical & Natural site , many Archeologists and Travelers  considered Jordan  as an open air museum .
Start from 8000 BC , passing through  bronze & Iron ages sites tell these days Jordan considered the Heart of the region and the bridge between many nations .Pharaohs  , Persians , Greeks ,Romans , byzantic   & Muslims . Those nations left unbelievable monuments and attractions as a witness of their majestic and arts.
On the other hand the natural sites not less in importance . the Rift Valley made a very unique geographical Zones in Jordan with its high green mountains , colorful gorges  in the desert  and valleys and the lowest point on earth , the dead sea.
Back to planning your travel itinerary  , the smartness is not how many places you visit but how much time you spend to enjoy every single place !!
One of unique things  about Jordan holiday is the  ability to travel from place to other in short of time given the small of the country size  . this means that you do not have to do as many as checkout and check in through your visit . staying at dead sea hotel for example will allow you to make many daily excursions during the day time and  back to you hotel  afternoon which  allow you to enjoy the beach morning and afternoon times .
Umm Qais ( Biblical Gadara ) , Saladin Castle in ajlun ( Crusaders ),Roman City Of Jerash ,Desert Castles ( Islamic & unesco ) , 7 Sleepers den ( Christian & Islamic ) , Bethany ( Biblical ) ,Mt.Nebo ( Biblical ) , Madaba Churches ( Biblical ) , Mecharus (Biblical ), Um Rasass ( Biblical & unesco ) , Amman City tour , Main Water falls ( Natural ) , Billa ( Greek ) , Jordan Valley ( Natural ), Lots cave ( Biblical ) & Wadi Mujib ( Adventure ) .
All Above Sites can be Visited From Dead Sea hotel With the enjoyment of the sea itself .
What next ??
Now we need to checkout and travel to Petra or Aqaba in the South . during enjoyment at the famous red sea resort in aqaba you can do lots of daily excursions from here too  : Wadi rum ( Nature ,Ecco & Adventure ) , Petra ( 7 world Wonder ) , little Petra , Shobak Castle ( crusader Montréal ) & Dana ( Biosphere Reserve ) .. and not ignoring the activities and water sports in aqaba itself with many fine and clear blue water and colorful coral sites .

Is 5 days enough to cover all that ?

The answer is yours .