The 3-course tea of Bai people(白族三道茶), Dali, Yunnan Province, China

The 3-course tea of Bai people(白族三道茶)


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You should try the traditional 3-course tea when you travel to Xizhou old town,   The  "three- course tea" is a unique way of drinking tea while hosting guests .  It was originally from ancient NaZhao dynasty,  a tea ceremony when The emperor of Nanzhao meeting important guests . it was spread  to the people, preserved and continued till today. 

The characteristics of the three course tea is: first course- bitter , second tea-sweet, third course have nice after taste.

The first course tea refers to the bitter tea, means the life should bear hardships and stand hard  then can make a difference.  High quality green tea will be put into the sand tank and baked with fire first, waiting for the tea leaves baked into yellow color and produce nice fragrance, pouring boiling water into the pot, wait until the bubble disappeared,  when the tea color turns to amber color, the tea is ready and  pour it into the teapot.

The second course tea symbols life should be meaningful  after the first bitter then sweet ,  pouring hot water into the sand tank,  add white sugar, walnuts inside, boiled  for a while before drinking.

The third tea symbols the endless aftertaste when you are successful.  Mix the baked cheese, brown sugar, honey, sweet osmanthus and pepper  with the tea water. The tea taste sweet and slightly spicy, you will feel great after drinking!

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The 3-course tea of Bai people(白族三道茶) Address

Xizhou old town, 32km north of Xiaguan city, China, Yunnan Province, Dali

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