Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Singing and dancing show Tours – Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province, China

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Jiuzhaigou Tibetan Singing and dancing show


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Zhangzha Town,Jiuzhaigou County,Aba,Sichuan, China, Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou
Hours : 20:00-21:30

About this place

"Tibetan mystery" is a pure Tibetan style large singing and dancing performances on stage. "Peacock Princess" Yang Liping,who is the top dancer of China from a minority of Bai people of Yunnan province, and "Tibetan king" Rongzhong'Erjia jointly cooperated to make this fantastic Tibetan dancing show.
It shows Mainly in song, dance, instrumental performance, situational Tibetan life, folk custom, religious ritual art form as the main body.
It depends on the main line of Tibetan old mother pious pilgrimage path , what she has seen on the way such as:performance of the Tibetan people, folk custom, religious ceremony scene and so on.

All the costume are made according to the real Tibetan clothing style. and the actors are all chosen by Yangliping and Rongzhongerjia, some of them are found on the grassland when they are pasture with yaks.

The show is the easiest way to know about Tibetan culture in a short time when you are in Jiuzhaigou.

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