Taiziling Ski Resort Tours – Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province, Aba, China

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Taiziling Ski Resort


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About this place

JiuDingShan Taiziling Ski Resort is located in Wenchuan County in Sichuan Aba Maoxian to 213 national highway, within Jiuding Mountain Qinglong Ping, 3 hours drive from Chengdu. Resort 2750 meters above sea level, it has a 4.2 km ski trails, skiers can accommodate 5,000 passengers daily.
         This scenic areas has high negative oxygen ion concentration, PM2.5 has been long lower than 50. during the snow season, 70 percent of the sun is high at all times good weather, daytime temperatures can reach 25 ℃, the night is about minus 10 ℃, Taiziling is a natural ecologically pure resort around Chengdu city

Ski slopes Overview
Primary Road : 3, the total length of 480 meters, the lowest grade of 6.7%, up 8.3%;
Intermediate Road:  2, the total length of 300 meters, the slope were 15.6% and 23.3%;
High Road:  3, the total length of 2700 meters, average gradient of 17.7% -37.8%, the maximum gradient of 58%;
  Play slopes :3, the total length of 400 meters, the slope of 5.8% -12.5%.

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