Yunnan Nationalities Villages , Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Yunnan Nationalities Villages


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Hours : 8:30am-5:30pm
Phone : 0871—4312429
Price : 70/ticket
Website : Click Here

About this place

Yunnan Nationalities Villages,covering an area of 89 hectares beside the Dianchi Lake,is located in the southwest suburb of Kunming city,Yunnan Province.As a window displaying the various cultures and customs of 25 minorities in Yunnan,it has been honored "ClassAAAA(the highest rank)Scenic Spot"of China.It is not only a base of manority culture of National Ethnic Affairs Committee,but also a base of the folk traditional culture of CIOFF(International Committee of Folklore Festivals organizers)China Committee.
In Yunnan Nationalities Villages,you may have a look at traditional ethnic-featured buildings and colorful customs of different minorities.You can also enjoy interesting wedding ceremonies,experience colorful minority festivals and join in a group dance.Generally speaking,it is really a wonderful place for tourists to relax themselves and get an in-depth view of the 25 minorities of Yunnan within only one day.

How to Get There:

bus No.44/73 and stop at the station of "Yunnan Nationalities Villages ".

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Yunnan Nationalities Villages Address

1310Dianchi Road, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming

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