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Da Ming Lake


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Center of Jinan City, China, Shandong Province, Jinan
Hours : 8am-5pm

About this place

In ancient times the local residents of Jinan were confused as to why they couldn’t hear frogs croak or snakes slither at Da Ming Lake. Today science has led the savvy Chinese to discover that this freshwater lake is fed by multiple natural springs throughout Jinan. Therefore Da Ming Lake’s temperature is too cold for the frogs to get hot during mating season. As for the snakes, they’ve found warmer pastures.

Photo:  Cui Hong Jiang (崔洪江)

Da Ming Lake is dappled with vendors of ancient classic books and trinkets, a few amusement rides, and the real crown of my trip there, an extremely old Taoist Temple. Be very careful not to take any of the temple’s spirits home with you! You can also rent a paddle boat or simply swing from willow branches weeping over the water edge.

There are gates on every side of the lake area. Admission to the lake is 25 yuan, so spend some time, relax, and make it a worthwhile venture.

How To Get There: 
Bus:  K98、K91、K54、6、11、14、30、31、33、36、37、41、63、83

The Map of Daming Lake:

Website:  www.daminglake.com

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By iris,


I hope what there are some cute guys down there for me to pick up :shy: because I'm definitely going where ;)
Da Ming Lake is a romantic place in Jinan.

Da Ming Lake is a romantic lake in my mine, there was a story about the Emperor Qianlong who met a folk girl when he visit Da Ming Lake, and they fell in love with each other, of cause the girl didn't know he was the emperor when they met. I don't know if it`s a true story, but sounds really romantic to me.
It is a coincident!

By zengzeng,

Join me, to see a different Nanjing!


Hey, i think it`s just a coincident, coz  i know in Zhejiang Da Ming Mountain, there also have a Da Ming Lake, so just the same name. I went to the Zhejiang one, but not this Jinan one yet, it looks really beautiful though. I will go one day, maybe.
Does Da Ming Lake related to Da Ming Temple in Yangzhou ?

I went to Yangzhou last year and there is a temple calls Da Ming Temple, and when i came to Jinan, here is also a lake calls Da Ming Lake, they two are sounds just like the same name and also the same in Chinese characters, so do these two have some thing related or just a coincident? Or they are have some history with Ming Dynasty?

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