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Yuntai Mountain,Yuntai Geo park or Yuntai shan


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Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, China, China, Henan Province, Jiaozuo

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The Yuntai Mountain, Yuntai Geo park ,Yuntai shan  is situated in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, Henan Province of People's Republic of China. Yuntaishan is a China's national civilized scenic area and spot, national natural heritage, national forest parks, national macaque nature reserve. Yuntain Mountain also has Asia's highest head drop waterfall.

The Yuntai Geo Park scenic area is classified as a first national AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.On February 13, 2004, Yuntai Mountain as the fifth in the world, the third in the country China, was named the world's first World Geo park by UNESCO and caused attention at home and abroad.

Yuntai Waterfall is 314m high
Situated within Yuntai Geo park, with a fall of 314 metres (1,030 ft), Yuntai waterfall is claimed as the tallest waterfall in China.

Eleven Scenic Areas
Occupying an area of 190 square kilometers (46,950 acres), Yuntai Mountain has eleven scenic areas: Red Stone Gorge, Tanpu Gorge, Quanpu Gorge, Cornel Peak, Wanshan Temple, Baijia Cliff, Zifang Lake, Macaque Valley, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gorge and Diecai Cave. Each has its own unique features and beauty.

Red Stone Gorge (Hongshi Gorge)

Red Stone Gorge is a valley with steep cliffs of red rocks standing straight up on both sides. It is the geologic relic of a crustal movement that took place 1.4 billion years ago, and rare Danxia landform in northern China. This gorge gathers many springs, waterfalls, streams, pools and gullies, so it is named 'the corridor of superfine landscape' by garden experts. The south side of the gorge is so narrow that it is only one thread wide. Towering cliffs stand facing each other as a gate and torrents scour a gully down the cliffs. Here the White Dragon Waterfall is divided into three sections and drops in level of about 50 meters (164 feet). Myriad springs and waterfalls dash against cliffs, making numerous colorful beads in sunlight like a natural fresco. White stalactites that grow in the quartz sandstones become simple and elegant under the red cliffs. Two emersed red stones look as if two lovers are locked together in a long kiss. Nine dragon pools make a stream whose water is so limpid that many beautiful stones can be seen clearly.

Cornel Peak, Zhuyu peak

Cornel Peak is the highest peak of Yuntai Mountain, which is about 1,308 meters (4,291 feet) above sea level. The great poet of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Wang Wei, wrote a famous verse 'One misses the relatives the most in holidays' on Cornel Peak. Following ascent of thousands of steps of scaling ladder and plank road built along a cliff to this peak, visitors can see the Taihang Mountain in the north. Lofty mountains extends as far as eyes can see. Also the vast plain in the south, the crisscross fields which appear like a chessboard and the ribbon-like Yellow River can be seen. In a word, the scenery is magnificent from this peak, making people deeply feel the poetic imagery of this line 'seen from the skyscraping peak, other mountains appear to be dwarfed', a line written by Du Fu, the 'Poet Saint' of the Tang Dynasty.

Tanpu Gorge (Xiaozhai Valley)
Among the landscape gallery of Yuntai Mountain, Tanpu Gorge is nature's masterpiece. It is famous for 'a spring in three steps, a waterfall in five steps and a pool in ten steps'. The water scenery in this valley is imposing with mountains and unique rocks. Located in the north of Yuntai Mountain, the 1,270 meters (1,389 yards) long gorge travels from south to north. Sheer cliffs and steep mountains at both sides rise skyward in an elegant shape. The still waters in Duxian Pond run deep and the water there is as green as an emerald. It is said that people can become immortal by drinking its water. The lover waterfall falls at three different levels and in each level, two waterfalls blend into a pond as if two sweethearts whisper. A Y-shaped waterfall hangs between two mountains with a drop of more than 10 meters (32.8 feet). Here many deep pools are formed by the cascading waters. Moreover, there is a natural water-curtain cave with crystal beads hanging before the cave. In summer and autumn, bamboo rafting is held here. In the Xiaozhai Valley Square, tourists can see shadowboxing show for free.

Other Scenic Areas
A placid lake, Yuntai MountainQuanpu Gorge contains the largest cataract in the entire country, Yuntai Waterfall which has a drop of about 314 meters (1,030 feet). Seen from afar, the waterfall kisses the blue sky like a skyscraping pillar, producing deafening roars. The Wanshan Temple is situated at the foot of the Hades Nose Peak, which was originally built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Baijia Cliff Scenic Area is an excellent place for climbing cliffs, where many historical relics are left. The Tianmen Waterfall and a temple pagoda rising on a cliff are two must-sees. The Macaque Valley is a natural reserve for wild macaques who have been trained to put on performances, such as dancing, pulling a cart and military practice. The Blue Dragon Gorge, named as 'the First Gorge in Central Plain', is a good ecological resort because of its thick forest, abundant water and pleasant climate. A vast expanse of misty, rolling waters spread all over the Fenglin Gorge. Elegant islands are scatted in the lake like stars in the sky. Diecai Cave is a highway tunnel linking Henan and Shanxi Provinces. It runs through the Yuntai Mountain, 4,000 meters (2.5 miles) long. Zifang Lake appears like a large mirror reflecting the green mountains around, blue sky and white clouds.

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