Qingtian River Tours – Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China

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Qingtian River


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About this place

Qingtian River in the Northern Three Gorges is 37 kilometers northwest of BoAi County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. With the grand, precipitous, and quiet scenery and five millennia historic and cultural details,it gains the name as “the Small Three Gorges in the North,” and enjoys the reputation as “Peculiar Springs and Ingenious Caves Surpassing the Central Plain.”

Qingtian River Scenic Area consists of three small scenic areas (the Ancient Path, Daquan Lake, Yueshan Temple, Phoenix Ridge, and Stone Buddha Bench) and 108 scenic spots with an area of 45.2 square kilometers. In the scenic area, the springs and ravines are deep and limpid; the silver waterfalls are pouring down flying; the running water is gurgling; the springs are rolling. You can see different sceneries in every five steps and a different atmosphere in every ten steps, thus it is extremely enchanting. The Ancient Path is a traffic fortification in Henan Province and Shanxi Province, and is regarded as one of “the Eight Paths in Taihang Area.” When Cao Pi (Emperor Wen of Kingdom of Wei from 220A.D to 280A.D. ) went north to make war with Gaogan and passed here, he wrote down the famous poem Traveling in Cold Season. Daquan Lake is the most attracting one in Qingtian River Scenic Area. The total length is 7.5 kilometers. When you boat on it, you may feel that you are boating on the Three Gorges and traveling on Li River. Yueshan Temple is one of three ancient temples in Henan Province, and enjoys the same popularity as Shaolin Temple and White Horse Temple. It is also the birthplace of Bajiquan, one of the three most famous Quan in China.

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