Jiaozuo Red Leaves Festival Tours – Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China

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Jiaozuo Red Leaves Festival


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About this place

     Place:Qingtian River in Jiaozuo,Henan province

     Date:     starting from 13th October

     As the autumn coming, the  Qingtian River Scenic Area is covering with red leaves, dyed the mountain in red. The grand opening ceremony of the Red Leaves Festival  kick off 13th October inQingtian River Scenic Area. The autumn leaves here are a spectacularly bright color. Its red leaves’ sightseeing period is relatively long and very delightful to see. The scenery featuring red leaves is a visual appeal and very popular among tourists at home and abroad. Jiaozuo Red Leaves Festival is a highlight of Jiaozuo’s tourism and a good choice for the tourists after the National Day’s Holiday.

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