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Jianshui Intrduction


With  a 1200 years history,Jianshui is rich in cultural heritages from ancient time,It has a  population of 474,000 with area of 3,764 square kilometers,the  average temperature is 19.3 degree Celsius,and 830mm of yearly average is just located in the middle from Kunming  to Hekou-the border town with Vietnam:220 KM To Kunming and 245 KM to Hekou.


Followed by the Confucius Temple in Qufu,hometown of Confucius -Shangdong province ,Jianshui has the second largest one of whole country.It is miraculous to be found in this tiny remote town southwest of China.the temple was first built in Yuan Dynasty(1271-13680 with a history of 700 years .it covers an area of 76,000 Square meters,the major building is is Xian shimiao which is great master hall,it is the place where the remembrance ceremonies are usually sponsored.


This place is famous for Garden Of The Zhu Family,which is situated inside of town,it is a typical residential structure of southern Yunnan,it is a group of building integrated into one bg compound,with five big rooms,six wing rooms and five halls enclosing a big courtyard in the centre and four samller once at the four corners.