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Mr Zhu's Family Garden in Jianshui

A Brief Introduction of Mr Zhu's Garden
Started to be built in the end of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty(1908), the Zhu's Family Garden was a large scale private mansion constructed by the Zhu Family in Jianshui. It covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters with a gross floor area of over 5000 square meters. The mansion has 214 total rooms and 42 courtyards of various sizes. Inside the mansion, there are different buildings like ancestral hall, Xiulou (the rooms for unmarried daughters), shops, waterside pavilions ,flowers hall, lotus ponds, bamboo groves etc. The courtyards and halls are arranged in neat orders and the halls are intricately designed to offer different views. Moreover, the numerous doors, windows, eaves, beams, columns, bases, rails, and screens all add to the beauty of the mansion. The scene changes as you walk around, and you may find too many beautiful thins to take in. All scenes are telling us the stories of ancestors and the Zhu's Family Garden is also called "the Grand View Garden of South Yunnan".
The mansion integrates many features of Chinese traditional dwellings, such as delicacy of Anhui houses, magnificence of Shangxi duildings and elegance of Suzhou gardens. It is not only concrete, but also spiritual;not only historical, but also cultural. When you step into the mansion, it will awake both your memory and your poetic flavor. Its history has gone but the influence is still on.
As a competitive tourist destination in Yunnan province, Zhu Family Garden has received thousands on thousands tourists at home and abroad after renovated for several times along with development of tourism in reform and opening-up. In recent years, some movie makers and television producers poured in from all parts of the country. A domstic expert ever commended upon his investigation, it has equal value by compred with Courtyard of Family Qiao, a famous ancient mansion in Pingyao County, Shanxi province.

Adress: 16 Hanlin Street, Jianshui County, Yunnan Province
Visitor Information Hotline:0086-873-7667115