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Jianshui chaoyanglou tower


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Jianshui city,Honghe prefecture, Yunnan province, China, China, Yunnan Province, Jianshui
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About this place

Jianshui is a Cultural and historical city in china, the former name of Jianshui is "LinAn", Chaoyanglou tower was buit in AD1389 In Ming dynasty, which is 28 years older than Tiananmen tower in Beijing. its a symbol of Jianshui city.

The city wall was mudbrick wall before Ming dynasty, when Ming army conquered South of Yunnan, Ming government built its political and economic capital in Jianshui, the city has 4 gates in its 4 direction, but the 3 gates in the west, north and south was destoried in a war in the end of Ming dynasty. Only the eastern tower was preserved.    this tower is known as No. 1 tower in Yunnan province.


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