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Jervis Bay
Jervis Bay is a natural harbour of 16 km long from north to


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About this place

Jervis Bay is a natural harbour of 16 km long from north to south,10 km west width ,located in New South Wales .It is a piece of protected waters without large waves. because it is right on the way of whale migration routes,most of the whales would choose to rest in the middle here, store fat and energy,Thus, the annual mid-June to mid-November, there will be a lot of whales in the waters infested, attracting tourists come to watch.Meanwhile 100 year-round habitat for wild dolphins is also here .Dolphin hunt in groups, they first trap a group of fish, and then while at breakneck speed to land the fish closer. Once the fish are tightly surrounded, they begiin to take turns eating.

you can take Jervis Bay's largest and most famous cruise company Dolphin Watch Cruises Cruise to watch dolphin and whales.

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