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Church of the Holy Sepulcher


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Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Israel, Jerusalem
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About this place

Known for one and a half Millennia as the place of the Crucifixion  and  burial of Jesus.

This place was identified in the fourth century as the place of the crucifixion by Empress Helena, the Mother of Constantine the Great. Built in 326 as two buildings; a rotunda containing the sepulcher and Basilica which became combined later on by the Crusaders.

It contains shrines commemorating the place of the burial - the Sepulcher

the place of the crucifixion - Golgotha

the chapel of Adam 

the Center of the world - Omphalos (according to the Greek Orthodox Church)

This Church is holy to all Catholics both of the Eastern Orthodox Churches and Western Church, it is holy for Armenians, Copts, and Ethiopians and many (though not all) Protestants, some of whom claim a different location for the events described in the New Testament.

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