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Yangshuo Laogen Farmer Restaurant


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Jiuxian Old Village,Yangshuo County, China, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 10:00am-17:00pm

About this place

Laogen farmer restaurant in Jiuxian old village, Yangshuo

Laogen farmer restaurant must be the most popular farmer restaurant in Yangshuo among Chinese tourists, Nestled at the Jiuxian old village which surrounded by typical Karst mountains, Traditional old Chinese houses and colorful rice paddies. It's just 400m and 15minutes walk from the Yulong river which flow through the outside of Jiuxian old village.

At present,Mr.Li and his family operate this small restaurant, The cook is really excel in local cuisine, Since they live in the countryside, Some of the food material is produced by themselves, Such as the various of vegetables, chicken, duck and fish. The most popular dishes are beer fishes, braised chicken, Mapo doufu, Steamed Taro, By the way, You may also have a try their homemade sweet honey osmanthus tea. It's really very tasty.

If you Visit Jiuxian old village,Except See the typical old houses and picturesque surrounding scenery,You should also have a try the authentic local dish at Laogen farmer restaurant.

How to get there:
It's 8km away from Yangshuo town to Jiuxian old village, It could be easier to get there by bicycle or take a taxi.


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