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Yangshuo cooking school

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Chaolong village,Yangshuo county,Guangxi province,China, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 09:30am-13:00pm or 15:30pm-19:00pm

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YangshuoCooking school -- A finest experience in Yangshuo!

Nestled at a local countryside village of Yangshuo town, Yangshuo cooking school is truly a special gem in Yangshuo area. Founded by Pam Diamond who an Australian lady in 2003. It provides a wonderful opportunity for western tourists to learn authentic local Chinese cuisine. The cooking class start begin from visiting a local farmer market,The teacher will introduce various of vegetables,meats and ingredients, You could also have a insight of the local people’s diet culture while visiting the farmer market.

The Venue for learn cooking is actually take place at a local adobe farmer house which surrounded by the local rice paddies and other farmer houses nearby. Normally,The cooking room could accommodate for ten people each time, Every tourist own a private table with prepared food, liquefied gas, seasoning, ingredients and so on. The teacher will provide detailed as well as useful instructions to the tourists ahead of the cooking class started. Of course, The teacher will provide needed assistance while you are hands-on cooking the food. When you finished all of the dishes, you may have a try the dishes which cooked by yourself in the yard with others together. You may also share your opinions and experiences with other participators while eating the dishes. It was quite interesting indeed !

So far,They offer daily courses and Week-Long advanced courses,If you are interested in learning the Chinese cuisine,Why not give it a try?

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