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Longshen Hot Spring

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Longshen Forest National Park, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 08:00am-23:00pm

About this place

Longshen hot spring – A highlighted tourist attraction in Guilin!

While talking about Longshen county, Most of tourists could immediately think of Longji rice terrace due to the remarkable terraced rice fields which built from the riverside to the top of the mountain along the slope of the mountain.

Actually, Except the magnificent rice terraces in Longshen,There is another very famous sights also worth to mention in Longshen county. That's Longshen Hot spring. It's the most famous and popular hot spring in Guilin area so far. If you have more time during you visit Longji rice terraces, it’s really a good chance to pay a visit to Longshen hot spring. You will never feel regret.

It's 60km and almost 1.5hour drive from Longji rice terraces(Ping'an village),Longshen hot spring hide in the remote mountain which covered by the lush forest. The road from Longshen county seat to Longshen hot spring go along a river valley,These magnificent mountains surround the road and make it very peaceful and tranquil. There are some local Yao minority villages located at the slope of the mountain, These wooden houses with typical style are really impressive. 

The hot spring actually just located at the entrance of Longshen national forest park, it operated and controlled by the local tour company at present. There are one Boutique resort and two hotels built in the hot spring scenic spot. Tourists need to pay the entrance tickets before went into the hot spring scenic spot. But if you stay in one of their hotels,It's possible to use the hot spring pool without paying the toll.

There are almost ten hot spring pools were built at the bottom of mountain next to the Resort. The hot spring water just flow into these water pool through a couple of steel pipes. The temperature of the hot spring water is begin from 58 centigrade to 45 centigrade. It's very comfortable to take a bath or make a water Spa in the hot spring pool. Because the hot spring water contains lots of trace elements, Such as lithium, strontium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and others. So, it's very good for the skin and body. It's really a good place for relaxing and recovering after a tired trip.

How to get there
Tourists can get to Longshen bus station from Guilin bus station firstly, Then switch to another local bus from Longshen bus station and get to the hot spring scenic spot. It's 118km and 2.5hours drive by bus from Guilin to Longshen bus station,It's 32km and 30minutes drive from Longshen bus station to Longshen hot spring.

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Re: Longshen hot spring – A highlighted tourist attraction in Guilin!

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