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Longji Rice Terrace (Ping'an Village) Hiking Routes


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Ping'an village,Heping town,Longshen,Guilin city,Guangxi province,China, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Hours : 7:00am-24:00pm

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Longji rice terrace(Ping’an vllage) Hiking routes guideline


Longji rice terrace is located in the northwest part of Guilin city. It’s about 2.5hours drive from Guilin city to Longji rice terrace at Ping’an village parking lot. Longji rice terrace is hidden in the route mountain area which with an elevation of 300meters to 1100meters. Longji rice terrace is digged and built by the local Yao minority people and Zhuang Minority people start from 13 century to the end of 19 century with a history of 650years.

Due to the tough natural environment and behindhand agricultural technology, All of the rice terraces are made by hand by the local people for generations. All of the rice terraces are built on the slope of the mountain range.The rice terrace wrapped around the mountain slope from the mountain bottom to the summit of the mountain which look like numbers of silks and ribbons while see afar. Especially, In spring season, While all of the rice terraces are flooded with water. The rice terraces are just like numerous mirrors by their reflection. In Summer season, You will see the rice terrace just like layered green grassland. In Autumn season, you will see the golden rice terraces which truly terrific. In winter season, You will see the silver rice terraces just like covered with cotton. Hence, The rice terrace is one of the remarkable sights in Guilin area.

Besides the outstanding rice terrace landscape, It’s also fascinating to discover the local ethnic minority people’s culture, such as their typical construction, costume, diet, custom, tradition,daily people’s life while wander around the local village etc.

As to hiking route in Longji rice terrace at Ping’an village. There are two view points in Longji rice terrace. View point one also called nine dragons and fiver tigers. View point two also called seven stars with the moon. Because view point two is earlier to get there from the parking lot(Ping’an village entrance), So most of tourists especially many Chinese tour groups could hike up to view point two. View point one is more far and more challenged to reach than view point two. So, there are not too many tour groups means less tourists. But normally, View point one provide a much better view of the rice terrace as well as Ping’an village from there due to its higher position. So, There are some popular hiking routes in Longji rice terrace base on above introduction.  

Hiking route one:
Hiking start from the parking lot(Ping’an village entrance) – Ping’an village(Pass by) – View point two - Ping’an village – Parking lot

Hiking route two:
Hiking start from the parking lot – Ping’an village – View point two – Hike to View point one through a paved mountain path – hike down to Ping’an village- Parking lot.

Hiking route three:
Hiking start from the parking lot – Ping’an village – View point one - Hike to View point two through a paved mountain path – Ping’an village – Parking lot.

If you have physical problem(Included disease,knee problem, fat shape,etc), If you also want to enjoy the wonderful rice terrace landscape, Then,there are another solution for you.

The local people built a paved road from the parking lot to View point one which take 5minutes drive. If you are not able to do the hiking trip, Then you may request the driver take you up to view point one,Then you could see the rice terrace landscape from view point one directly without taking 1hour hiking up to the view point one through the steep stone steps. If you would like to do some limited hiking, You can also hike down to Ping’an village or hike to view point one then down to the village before arrive the parking lot. It’s also a good solution.

Of course, If you stay two nights in Ping’an village, There are more hiking trips you could consider to do.

Hiking route A: Ping’an village – Longji old Zhuang village – Ping’an village
Since there is a old Zhuang people’s village with many well preserved houses named Longji old Zhuang village near to Ping’an village, It’s about 40minutes hiking from Ping’an village with downhill path to Longji old Zhuang village.After hang around Longji old Zhuang village,Then you can hike back to Ping’an village

Hiking route B: Ping’an village – Dazhai village
From Ping’an village To Dazhai village, It’s about 20km and 4-5hours hiking through a up and down mountain trail. It’s a more difficult hiking trip with a lot of challenge. But if you are quite fit, energetic and keen on outdoor activity, This hiking trip is just for you. Attention, If it’s rainy,The hiking trail could be more muddy and slippery. It become more dangerous to do the hiking trip. It’s better to skip it. It’s better just do some hiking trips nearby Ping’an village.

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Re: Longji rice terrace(Ping'an village) Hiking routes guideline

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<p>I visited Longji Rice Terrace in 2012, to be honest, the highlight of this place is to watch the spectacular sunrise in the morning. At the same time, to stay in a home stay on the top of mountain is also a good experience.</p>

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