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I need a interpreter who can assist me in sourcing products, negotion in price, quality checking, pre order checking, shipping and
help me in language while shopping, tourism and etc etc in Guangzhou & Dongguan.

About me, am from Pakistan, I run a textile Hosiery Knitting Factory
and this is going to be my 2nd trip to China.

Language: English - Chinese
Destination: Guangzhou & Dongguan
Travellers: 1 Person.

Service Type: Business Assitant / Guide.

Purpose of Visit: Sourcing Products/Suppliers.

Industry: Kids Garments, Toys, Kids Shoes, Hangers, Belts, Mannequins.

Days Required: 7 or may be 10. In the mid of December, Expected date, 15 December.

Reply back with charges and detail about you and also include your picture
for reference.

If you need any information regarding any thing then just ask for it.

Ahsan Khan.

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