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Welcome to the world´s largest covered marked covering 61 street with over 3000 shops. Maybe it seems impossible but it attracts about half of million visitors daily.

Perhaps you want just to take a look and you´re not interested in buying but the splendor, the scent, the colors start offering themselves tempting your eyes and your valet: jewelry, carpets, antiques, embroideries, textile and of course spices, among other things.

This marked isn´t something that started to exist recently in the style of modern malls but it has a history since the mid 15th century. Naturally the things changed over time. In the beginning there were no shops as they exist today but there were stalls where merchants offered their goods and each stall occupied a determined space.

When you take into consideration the innumerable sorts of merchandise offered, it is no wonder that the Grand Bazaar was the world´s most visited single monument in the world in 2011.

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By Cindy Li,

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Interesting market
Re: Grand Bazaar

By Eric Denny,

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It's always fun to visit the local market

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