Isfahan Tours – Isfahan, Iran

By Somayeh Heidari,

The best effort should be made to provide a good time for travellers.

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Hours : 9:00 am- 6:00 pm

About this place

Isfahan includes both natural and historical centers

but since Isfshan is called the Capital of cultural Islamic world, the historical parts are prior

to mention some parts, the followings are recommended:

1. Atigh Jameh Mosque

2. Naghshe Jahan Square

3. Chehel soton palace

4. Vank Church

5. Khajou Bridge

6. Ali Qoli Agha bathroom

and natural places such a Flower garden, Bird garden and Sofeh Mountain

the all historical and natural places are fantastic and should be seen

hope to see u :)

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By Eric Denny,

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