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Iran nomad groups

Nomads (Kooch Neshinan) in Iran are a group of people who travel and move from one place to another along with their tribe, family and all their belongings. Kooch Neshini (Nomadism) is the tribal lifestyle and their economy is based on herding. Shifting from one place to another and moving as a large group are the most important aspects of Nomadic life.

Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and back to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter throughout their yearly and shift with the seasons Iran’s Nomadic tour is an opportunity to visit this great attraction that is still present in the 21st 

The following lines are trying to give the nomads the acknowledgment they deserve and to ourselves a chance to get to know them better.

In recent years, the number of Iran Nomads has decreased dramatically. Small in size, but big on charm, their beauty is unmatched. Apart from Nomad people, the verdant pastures of their lands full of sheep and goats are so eye-catching specially during their spring kooch.  There’s plenty to see. For those who wish to be immersed in the history and culture of Iran, there is no better place to visit the indigenous people of Iran living in Zagros Mountain ranges. We’ve round up 5 main reasons for going and living with the Nomads of Iran.