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Iran Culture & Religion

Despite being considered the biggest Shiite country in the world by 99.38% Muslim in the country mostly Shiite and ruling an Islamic regime, it is very important to understand that Iran certainly is NOT an Arabic country and Iranians are not Arabs.

In fact, Shia sect has become the official religion of the country since 1501 AD mostly to unify the country. But Islamic rules were not part of the governmental rules until the Islamic Revolution in 1979 that Iran became an Islamic country with Islamic rules in all aspects including economics, politics, and customs. But even then because of the rooted and rich culture in Iran, Iran did NOT become like other Islamic countries.

Part of these rules is about women appearance in the community.

Since 1979, HIJAB became mandatory for females older than 9 year-old. But the shape of HIJAB from the first days of being obligation until now has been changed dramatically so that many foreigners whom consider Iran to be similar to Arab countries, surprise at seeing women appearance in the streets. (Figure 1)

Iranian customs are a combination of ancient and Islamic traditions. This includes Iranian traditional celebrations like Nowruz, Yalda, Chaharshanbeh Souri, and Islamic rituals like Ashura, Qadr Nights, etc.

Among all of Iranian social behaviors, kindness, sensitivity, decency, patience, generosity, and hospitality, devoted and patriot are remarkable.