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伊朗导游:伊朗国家博物馆:Iran Tour Guide:National Museum of Iran

伊朗导游:伊朗国家博物馆:Iran Tour Guide:National Museum of Iran

德黑兰国家博物馆(National Museum of Tehran):

是由法国建筑师André Godard设计,这个历史宝库提醒你此萨珊王朝(Sassanids)风格的正面全是由砖砌成。


National museum of Tehran:

It was designed by French architect Andre Godard. This treasury of Persian history remember you Sassanid’s style of building with full of brickwork in the facades .museum has different part dedicated to different period of time in Persian history. Excavation in Persepolis, Susa, Rey ,….. and many other place here come together to give you pleasant feeling and drown you in depth of Iran history and culture.

Some remains from Persepolis transfer to this museum like cuneiform inscription, capital of columns, and many other item collected in this museum. Susa and Elimites  with old civilization also have many items in this museum .

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伊朗导游:伊朗国家博物馆:Iran Tour Guide:National Museum of Iran