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The National Museum of Iran
Mūze-ye Millī-ye Irān


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Si-ye-Tir, Tehran, Iran, Tehran, Iran
Hours : "9:00am-10:00pm Tue-Sun, closed on Mondays"

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The National Museum of Iran (PersianMūze-ye Millī-ye Irān) is a museum in Tehran, Iran. It is the combination of two museums, the old Muze-ye Irân-e Bâstân ("Archaeological Museum of Iran", a brick, Sasanian revival building designed by André Godard and inaugurated in 1937), and the modernistic white travertine National Arts Museum ("Mūze-i Honar-i Millī"), inaugurated in 1972. The second structure, built on the grassy grounds of the old Archaeological Museum, went through quite a few, and hasty changes of the interior, and was still being remodeled when the Islamic Revolution swept the country in 1979.

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