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Visiting Iran

Hi everybody who want to visit beautiful country like Iran.

I glad to show the rich history & culture of my country & can provide anything for you to have a good trip and enjoy.
my name is Narges I’m 31 , I studied German language in university so I can talk in German and English too.

I like traveling and enjoying life, I’m a hardworking person trusty ,kind, hummer, happy supportive and can manage a group, I can communicate good with other persons .
 I think everybody in all around a world have trip once in her or his life to Iran. Because it’s not like any other parts of world and  in every seasons we have a various  attraction and in every part of Iran the weather is different. Iran is safe ,don’t worry!
I’m sure that when you want to leave Iran u are so sad and don’t want come back to your country.
Just send me an email to discuss.(:
always I’m ready to answer your question.