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'Urmia lake" tourist attraction
دریاچه ارومیه


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110 KM from Tabriz via Tabriz - Urmia road, Tabriz, Iran
Hours : full time

About this place

Huge lake Urmia (6000 sq KM) is so super-sulty (460 gr salt per a liter!!!!) That you can't just sink! Even you ca n sit on the water!!! The most important thing is that a kind of worm named "Artimesia" is living inside this super salty lake!!!!!

It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1976. These days it started to die like Aral sea. It attracts plenty of seasonal migratory birds like flamingos. It will give you best view for photographing specially in sunset. It is one of the special natures in the world.

I put more photos in photo gallery. See those pictures ,don't loose them!

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