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伊朗导游。。。。Experience Variety......lets explore the PERSIA.

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伊朗导游:波斯波利斯未完工之门&百柱厅.Iran tourguide:Persepolis Palace of 100 Columns and Unfinished Gate

Unfinished Gate:

Unfinished gate help us know more about how akeamanid built their capital and technique they used . this gate was built at the end of akamanid empire .while passing from unfinished gate you can see gate has 2 eagle but not completely carved


未完工之门(Unfinished Gate):




Palace of 100 columns:

It is one of biggest hall in perspolis with about 4800 m2 area . sailing had hight about 14 meter , and supported with 100 stone made columns . this place was used as a place for counseling  king and army general.

百柱厅(Palace of 100 Columns):


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