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Caravanserai of Sa'd al-saltaneh


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Iran, Qazvin, Caravanserai of Sa'd al-saltaneh, Qazvin, Iran
Hours : 8-21

About this place

"The Caravanserai of Sa'd al-saltaneh" in Qazvin , Qazvin province , Iran ...

The Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh is a large Caravanserai located in the city of Qazvin in Qazvin Province of Iran . Built during the

Qaj'ar era, the caravanserai is one of Persia's best preserved urban caravanserais. The builder (patron) of this large caravanserai was a person by the name "Sa'd al-Saltaneh

Isfahani" ...

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