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Bangalore : Best Place to live in

Bengaluru- The City which needs no introduction


I was born and brought up in Kolkata (the city of Bongs). Then moved to Visakhapatnam (City of destiny) for completing my education. Originally rooted from Rajasthan (my ancestors) and now working in Bengaluru (Silicon Valley of India). Typically you can say I am a Nomad (feels good when people say that :) ).

City life always fascinated me whether it’s an Indian city or abroad. This is because by looking at the city you can easily figure out what’s in it. I have traveled to almost 10 cities in India, out of which I like Mumbai (the best city for travelers), Bangalore (the best city to live in), Kolkata (best food yet) and Delhi (Culturally blended city).


Early days in Bangalore

Bengaluru!! It was my dream to come to Bangalore (when I was studying). I didn’t know the reason behind it but still I always wanted to be a part of it. May be because of two most amazing personalities: Flamboyant, Businessman (Playboy) Mr.Vijay Mallya and the Queen of Bollywood 2013-14, Miss Deepika Padukone. This was not the only reason but yes I agree they were a  part of it. After completing my education, got a Job in Bengaluru (with the help of school buddy- Harsh). I was really happy that from now on I’ll also be called as a “Bangalorean”.

At the beginning it was really lonely as this was the first time I was staying in such a city where there were no relatives and very less friends. Soon I started exploring Bangalore, meeting people etc… After 6 months, it felt like home. If you want to know Bangalore from really close then go to Cubbon Park on Sunday for jogging. This was the turning point of my life.

Bangaloreans are the most passionate people among all the cities I have ever visited. They always give their 100% in whatever they are doing. If you want to do something that is out of box then Bangalore is the place for you. That is why many extraordinary businesses are based out of Bangalore.

Youth in Bangalore

Now a days, Instead of Mumbai or Delhi people are coming to Bangalore to start their career. . This is due to the growth opportunity that attract the youth towards Bangalore. Since, most of the working people are from outside so they want to live their life to the fullest. They follow only one Mantra: Working from Monday to Friday and the other 2 days just live it like the world is going to end. (Truly said: Work hard and Party harder)

Karnataka’s Love affair with spirits remain strong, even in the times of recession and Inflation-Times of India

There has been an increase of 13 % in the consumption of liquors from last year (2013). Here people are very fond of drinking, whatever be the Occasion (I guess they would drink on funeral also). It’s a youth’s best friend. Here, people not only drink with friends but I have seen many families drunkard also. Many Breweries and Pubs are there in Bangalore. I will say almost 40% of people (Whom I know in Bangalore) waste their weekend, doing nothing, just drinking. Another 40% by watching movie and sleeping for 2 days and the balance 20%- struggle to find their element. I love Bangalore basically due to this 20% population and wanted to be the part of this.

Meaning of Passion for Bangaloreans

I want to call Bangalore as the birth place of Passion. Everybody is passionate about something or the other. Some of them are: Bike Rides, Cycling, Swimming, Jogging, Photography, Singing, Music, Blogging, traveling, watching movie, sleeping, drinking etc…

For Biking

I know people who ride almost 600-700kms on weekend. Isn’t it great!! And moreover it will not be a normal bike (High end bikes like Hayabusa, Harley, Thunderbird etc.) Here people invest their hard earned money on what they love to do. 1551713_749056591771079_1096552521_n For Cycling

I have a friend who loves to do cycling. I will say his passion is to ride a cycle. Every day he ride’s almost 30 km to and fro to his office. IMG-20140514-WA0001 For Photography

Many photography workshops are happening here. Go around MG Road, you will get to see many of them. They are not professional but amateurs.

For Drinking

This is the most important of all. It is important like breathing for people (More than a passion; it’s better to say obsession).

Watching Movie

This is the most pathetic passion I have seen in people living in Bangalore. It is not fetching them anything, simply they are wasting their time.


Many people are fond of sleeping but I didn’t know that people are so obsessed for it. (As if they are working like labor- Bloody Idiots)

Soul Santhe

“Art and craft has always been a celebrated tradition in India. There is an enormous amount of talent in our country which needs to come out and we are just providing the platform to showcase their talent.”- By Asha Rao (founder of Sunday Soul Santhe). For more: Click here

I went here for the first time on 12th May’14(held in ITPL Cricket Ground). At that time I was having a vague knowledge of what it is all about but as I went inside It felt like I was  standing in a  famous market of Bangkok. It was a Sunday flea market. It includes Art Craft, Live performances, Fashion shows, food and many more. This was something I have never seen in Bangalore. It was a great experience. Entry Fees: Rs 100/- and Recommended length of visit: 4-5 hrs. (Go in the Evening)


“The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion”- Stephen R. Covey

Bangalore is the warehouse of these kind of people (having natural talent). The above write up are my observations, what I felt by staying in Bangalore for the last 1.5 years. Still,it is not enough. Bangalore has much more potential than any other cosmopolitan city.