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Historic town of Vigan is a colonial town in Ilcos Sur province. The town is listed on the Unesco World Heritage Site list because of its beautiful colonial architecture.
When Spaniards came to the Philippine islands they brought their culture with them. Vigan was planned and built in the 16th century.  The architecture of this town can´t be seen anywhere else in Asia. The blend of Asian and European culture in Vigan is just great. Before the arrival of the colonizers, the territory of Vigan was occupied by Chinese traders. This way, colonizers adopted the name Bee Gan which later became Vigan. Most of the residents adopted Spanish names.
In fact, Vigan used to be an island because the flow of three rivers separated it from the land (Luzon Island).  These three river are called Abra River, Mestizo River and the Govantes River.
The town is excellent for peacefull sightseeing. Some of the most visited districts is the Mestizo district where people get immersed in the colonial past, but not only, since the traces of Chinese past are visible as well.
Between the single monuments one can single out St. Paul´s Metropolitan Cathedral, Ayala Museum, the Crisologo Museum, the Syquia Musum etc.
There is also a beautiful Calle Crisologo with cobblestone streets, and colonial buildings.
Of course, there are city squares which tend to be most vivid parts of the city. There is Plaza Salcedo caled affter Juan de Salcedo and Plaza Burgos which is mainly used for public events.

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