Nanxun Old Town Tours – Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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Nanxun Old Town


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Nanxun District, Huzhou City, China, Zhejiang Province, Huzhou

About this place

If you are looking for the really historical and multi-cultural old town around Shanghai, seriously you should think about Nanxun. It's a town that cherishes the soul of south Yangtze Delta region. She is regarded as the representing place where the riches in old times assembled, where there are old streets and water channels, exquisite gardens, Anhui-style residential houses, classical western-style architectures and abundant sceneries, where it was said that she had been as rich as the Qing government. Besides, the silk made here won top prizes in World Expo held in London in 1851 and Panama in 1915 respectively. This is the charm of Nanxun. 

Nanxun was named Xunxi once upon a time and then the following name of Nanlin, in the end of Southern Song Dynasty, the official name of Nanxun came to being in A.D.1252.

In the area of about two square kilometers of Nanxun, there are national, provincial and city protected sites, 17 altogether. The Jiaye Library, Xiaolianzhuang Lotus Villa, row houses along the canal and the former residence of Zhang Shiming are the recommended tourist sites.

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