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Yuanjiajie:The Real Pandora World

Located the north of Shandao Gorge, Yuanjiajie is a huge quartz sandstone mountain. It is one of famous scenic spots in the park. The First Bridge under Heaven, the Platform of Lost Mind and Back Garden are main scenic spots. The First Bridge under Heaven:We climb Yuanjiajie from Shandao Gorge and got to the platform of watching bridge in Zhongping. We can see a grand natural bridge between mountains about 1000 meters away. The bridge was named the  First Bridge under Heaven. The Platform of Lost Mind:The platform about 800 meters from Yuanjiajie was named Puzzling Crag. We can see wonderful scenery on that platform. Back Garden:Between Zhongping and Xiaping, there is a mysterious sight named Back Garden. Tourists walk down along the road and take a turn. Then, pass the around door and see dozens of peaks in deep gorge. This is Back Garden in Yuanjiajie.