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Red Culture in Zhangjiajie

Red tourism resources in Zhangjiajie city are very rich; they are mainly some important sites and monuments that related to combat activity of the Second Red Army in domestic Revolutionary War. Such as the site that He Long revolutionized with two kitchen knife, the site where the Second Red Army was in the long march in Liujiaping of Sangzhi, the revolutionary base of xiang-e-chuan-qian, and so on. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 19 sites that the Second Red Army launched a major battle and planed an important action in the Zhangjiajie city, and 7 memorials and former residences of He long. The places that soldiers of the Red Army and the revolutionary masses carried out revolutionary activities in Zhangjiajie are unable to statistics. The main scenic spots of Zhangjiajie such as Tianzi Mountain, He Long Park are the places that the Red Army ever walked through and fought. So there are too many battle footprints of soldiers of the Red Army and the revolutionary masses and too much blood of revolutionist.