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Distinctive Food in Zhangjiajie Downtown

There is a lot of delicious and cheap food in downtown of zhangjiajie. If your stomach suffered a lot in the scenic spots, you can treat it well in here.

You can have a taste of the "xueyunbaozi" in the outlet with many other branches. Each one is one piont 1 yuan, with a large size and various kinds. We suggest the one containing pieces of mushroom, hot pepper, meat, and it tastes very delicious. Meanwhile, you can also have another soya-bean milk with a price of one yuan per cup. Therefore, you can climb mountain with full energy.

Lunch and Dinner
We firstly recommend the distinctive dish "sanxiaguo", which is made of three major materials without much soup. And the most famous one is the "'sanxiaguo made by master Hu" at the price of 20 yuan each one. You can get there by Bus 10. The most economical way to eat is a content of 40-yuan food in a group of three people. The characteristic dishes are Dry Stir Intestines and Dry Stir Walnut Meat, and they can be put into the same pot to stew, tasting very wonderful,by the way, you can order a piece of sour radish with crispy and sour flavor, which makes you cannot help eating it.
If you would like to eat fish head, then you can go to the "laowu Fish head Pot Restaurant" by Bus 7. The soup of this restaurant is stewed with little cherries and tomatoes, tasting very delicious and flesh. The fish head is 20 yuan per gram, accompanied by a dish of vegetable and a dish of noodle for free. You can treat yourself well at an expense of 40 yuan.
But if you have enough money, you can have a taste of the venison, for example, the venison in the "Without Tasting Restaurant" that is near the "DaYong Bridge Park", and you can get there by taxi with the cost of within 20 yuan. Even though the name of the restaurant sounds very strange, the dishes are very good. There are the meat of wild boar, BaMao rat, Muntjac and Bacon and so on, and we mainly recommend the one charactered with the local taste, named "Huangzi Meat", or often called the "Miaojia sour meat".
In addition to, you can also find lots of specialties if walking along the Beizheng Street, such as the Master Li's" cuidu with a delicate flavor, Brother Jun's restaurant, Eating-with- Happiness, Oolong Cottage, the Kitchen with music and so on. You should have a taste of them if you have plenty of time.

Meal in the late of the night
When night coming, there are various kinds of food stalls covering the two sides of the streets.  
Usually, 70 yuan are enough for 4 people. The famous night markets are the Big Market in Nanzhuangping and the one in Eastern Gate Bridge, and you can find a crowd of people here. Just take a seat in where many people are.
What's more, the stall selling the sauerkraut is also a good choice. The sour cucumber and radish are tasty and crispy. You may find that the dishes are not enough over wine and chatting.