Dehang Miao Village Tours – Hunan Province, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, China

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Dehang Miao Village


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About this place

Dehang is a Miao language means “beautiful valley”, because of the unique landscape with highly straight cliffs and overlapped peaks, Dehang become a beautiful valley with lots of peaks, waterfalls and an area of virgin forest, with some rivers staggered in the region, owned a pleasant climate and rich of flora and fauna. The nature scenery is very beautiful and charming. Dehang is inhabited by a group of Miao people, the folk custom is simplicity: they take mountain songs as a match-maker, free love; women are fond of wearing silver jewelry and no collar embroidered clothing; men love knot leggings and play beautiful music by leaves; they sericulture spinning and waving by themselves.
On the way there, you can marvel at the world most breathtaking bridge, Aizhai tunnel to tunnel suspension bridge, which is newly completed. Hiking along the farm road of the Miao village, reach the highest waterfall in the world----Liusha waterfall, experience the true life of Miao people.

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User Reviews

Re: Dehang Miao Village

By Sky Han,

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I have been Dehang Miao hamlet last year, on April, I feel astonished the minute I step into the sight area, the minority house style, the people's methods of washing clothes and vegetables, everything in Dehang is a big interest for me because I have never seen anything like that before. What's more, the mountain around this area is very high and amazing. In one word, this is where worthy of your visiting.
Re: Dehang Miao Village

By Chris Tan,

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You can feel the culture of local lovely Miao people and Great nature(mountain and river).

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