Hunan Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City(Huaihua City) Tours – Hunan Province, Huaihua, China

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Hunan Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City(Huaihua City)


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Situated in the conjunction of Yuan River and Wu River in Huaihua, Hunan, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City originated from the Spring and Autumn Period, took shape in flouring Tang Dynasty and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is famous for collecting and distributing China wood oil, timber, paraffin and opium. In ancient time, it is not only a collection and distribution center of Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, and Chongqing Province but also a economic, cultural and religious center in southwest of Hunan, which has enjoyed several laudatory titles like “Bright Pearl in Western Hunan”, “Contracted Nanjing” and “Metropolis in Southwest China”. According to textual research done by experts, preserved ancient building of Ming and Qing Dynasty in Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City covers an area of about 200 thousand hectares. Over 380 ancient buildings like temples, armed escort firms, ancient banks, business firms, workshops, brothels, inns, newspaper offices and so on are extraordinary and rare heritages left by our ancestors. If you want to experience life as in ancient China, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City must be the best choice for you.

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