Sanhe Horse Tours – Hulunbeir, Inner Mongolia, China

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Sanhe Horse

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Eerguna, China, Inner Mongolia, Hulunbeir

About this place

Eerguna is the hometown of famous Sanhe hourse.

The pedigree of Sanhe horse is very complicated.

At the beginning of 20th century, some well-bred varieties like Orloffs were introduced into northeastern China by some Russian aristocrats.

During the period of Japanese invasion, some other horse varieties such as blood horses and Anglo-Arabian horses were also brought along.

By intercrossing with native varieties, these varieties gradually evolved into Sanhe horse.

Sanhe horse has a stout physique, pretty appearance, deep and long chest cage, tough muscle, flat back, and tough limbs. Its hair color mainly contains red, brown and black and it has an average height of 140 cm to147 cm and a weight of 330 kg to 380 kg.

With powerful and fierce appearance but obedient temperament. It only takes 1 minute and 10 seconds to cover 1 km by riding Sanhe horse.


Now,Eerguna has riding school, horse racing, world famous horse exhibition ... for Sanhe Horse.

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