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FAQ on Huangshan Winter Tour

Answers to the doubts about huangshan winter tour

Question: Will the access to Mt. Huangshan be closed during winter?

Answer: On the contrary, in recent years, winter season has become a tour rush for quite a number of tourists. Especially for the spring festival, the hotels on the top have been over-reserved A month in advance.

Question: What about the climate in winter?

Answer: The local climate is characterized to be sub-tropical. The average temperature on the top during January is around 6 degrees Centigrade. The annual snow fall duration lasts about 60 days. Besides, the hotels on the top are all equipped with electric heater.

Question: What about the path conditions on the top during snow season?

Answer: Mt. Huangshan enjoy a great reputation nationwide of being a safe mountain. After years of update, the step paths have become a pride of Mt. Huangshan. Whenever it snows, the snow fall will be promptly swept off the path to ensure the safety of the tourists.