How to Get A Membership and How to Check Membership Status?


How to get on the Tour Guide list for FREE?

   ·  After your registration and fill out all the necessary information, your profile page is created.

   ·  With 10 published posts, you are qualified to apply for a PPD membership.

   ·  Please send an email to [email protected] to apply for a PPD membership.

   ·  When your profile is checked and approved by our moderator (usually 1-3 workdays), you will get a PPD membership that keeps you stay on the Tour Guide list for free.


Necessary information: including your name, profile photo, location, tagline, about me, contacts...and especially upload your tour guide license or ID card as a CERTIFICATE.

Please read more here:



Check Your Membership Status

STEP 1: Go to your profile page

STEP 2: Click "Membership" on the tabs

Please check your membership status on your profile page and let us know if there is any problem!



The system will remind you of the expiration one week before and when your role changes.