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How Do We Combat COVID-19?




Dear tour guides,


Synotrip knows that nothing is more important than our health and our families in this world. As an international team with users and employees all over the world, we truly care about the impacts of coronavirus COVID -19, especially the influences on tourism. We know that most of your works have stopped, there are tourists canceling travel plans because of the pandemic, and it's happening to many countries now.


As a tourism platform, Synotrip feels damages the same way as each of our users, this is the slowest time for us too, but is there anything we can do to combat the disease?

We did some research, most people didn't cancel their travel but watching the situation of pandemic and the flights to reschedule, therefore, you have never lost your business, it's just put on HOLD now, and it's the same to everyone who is in this business, so neither of us should stay negative, the sun also rises.


Here is what Synotrip is doing to combat the virus now:

  1. Redesign the website for better user experiences on both sides of tour guides and trippers;
  2. Optimizing pointing and ranking system to make it fairer for every user to reward those who really bring us good content and helping us on SEO;
  3. Keeping the website alive with new users and contents, the activity of Synotrip website is what all of us depend on.


What you can do to help yourself to combat this downtime? Everything you do now will pay back soon!

  1. Post good content. While you cannot go out, you probably have more time to make more posts on Synotrip, this will help the website to stay active and also help yourself more opportunities to display your profile and get more traffic;
  2. People who postponed their travel plans are still making plans, we still got tourists asking questions too. Keep your profile alive on the list is never a bad thing, you need to stay in the game to gain more business;
  3. In the other hand, we have lots of clients who are businessmen, the virus might slow the tourists but for people who have business overseas, they would come for sure once the situation gets better, so hang on there and keep your profile active, we believe there will be a peak for business type travelers soon or later. 


We’re doing everything we can to combat the effects of the virus, and we believe so are you. Let's keep the social distance to slow the spread of the virus and care about those in our community who need helps. We appreciate your patience and your support. Please stay safe.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!  Please contact us if you have any question: [email protected].



Synotrip Team