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Tin Hau Temple, Peng Chau


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Wing On Street, Peng Chau, China, Hong Kong

About this place

Tin Hau is the most worshipped deity in Hong Kong. She is the protector of the seafaring folk. Of course Peng Chau also has a Tin Hau temple, this one was built in the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty, 1798, according to historical records. However it may have been around much longer than that.

Next to Tin Hau statue a whale rib bone is on display, believed to be hundreds of years old. The island celebrates a yearly Tin Hau festival on the 21st day of the 7th lunar month.

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Re: Tin Hau Temple, Peng Chau

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Tin Hau is a small temple off an urban park near the Yau Ma Tei MTR stop. There are a lot of incense spirals.

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