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Mui Wo


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Mui Wo, Lantau Island, China, Hong Kong

About this place

Mui Wo is a village on the eastern coast of Lantau Island, with a current population of less than 6,000 people. The main village of Mui Wo is surrounded by various smaller villages, bicycles are a major form of transportation here.

The main beach is known as Silver Mine Bay Beach, one of Hong Kong's longest beaches. The area is well known for the many feral water buffalo and cattle that roam there.

Before the construction of the Lantau Link motorway, Mui Wo acted as gateway to Lantau. All traffic to and from the island passed through this village. Now it is a very quiet place, even in weekends as not so many tourists come to visit.

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Re: Mui Wo

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Beautiful part of Lantau Island and still relatively unscathed by tourists. A great place to spend at least half a day either cycling, hiking, eating, drinking or just relaxing at the beach.

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