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Lai Chi Wo village


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About this place

The village of Lai Chi Wo is one of those hidden gems deep in the countryside, located on the shore of Double Haven. There is no road acces to the village, the only way to get there is on foot (two hours to the nearest road), or by boat.

The village dates back some 400 years, and used to be one of the more prosperous Hakka villages in the New Territories. At its peak, about 1,000 people lived there. Nowadays just a handful of mainly elderly residents remain, as most of the younger people have left for jobs in the city, mostly moving to Tai Po and Fanling.

Today the village still keeps a lot of its charm. Many of its houses are well kept, and the wall around the village has recently been renovated. It has a lush Fung Shui woods behind the village.

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