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Lai Chi Chong


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public pier, Lai Chi Chong village, Tai Po, China, Hong Kong

About this place

Lai Chi Chong (荔枝莊) is a village and an area of Hong Kong on the southeastern shore of the Tolo Channel. Near the village, along the shore, is a geologically interesting site, which is part of the Hong Kong National Geopark of China.

Here convoluted beddings can be observed. These rocks are not just beautiful with their layering, they are also rather unique as it is a sedimentary rock formed from volcanic ash that was washed down the mountains. This kind of rock is found only in very few places in the world.

Lai Chi Chong can be reached by ferry departing from Ma Liu Shui, or by foot hiking about two hours from Pak Tam Road. It has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.

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